Calling new Ankara Press writers!


Ankara Press is looking to commission the next wave of romance titles, for publication in 2016. Following the success of our first six titles, launched in December 2014, which have received glowing reviews and media coverage around the world, we are now looking for more exciting new authors. The romances will be published initially as e-books, and easily downloadable to mobile devices.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for strong, original voices to write romance novels for the African and Diaspora market. The novels could be standalone or form part of a series. We don’t want stories that simply recreate traditional romances. Often, these rely on dangerous notions of male dominance, control and manipulation that have done great harm to women all over the world. Many women tolerate abusive situations because they wrongly believe that this is what romance should look like.

We are looking for a new kind of romance. One in which the thrill of fantasy is alive but realized in a healthier, more grounded reality and gives women the tools to shape their own destinies. We want stories in which strong, capable female characters meet charming men who are secure in their identities and respectful of a woman’s choices. We are also keen to publish stories that explore same-sex relationships.

We would be particularly delighted to receive more submissions from male writers.        

We would like to read manuscripts in which the male characters are not businessmen, lawyers or financiers, but have alternative careers. And they do not have to be wealthy!

The novels should be between 35,000 – 45,000 words long (they should not exceed this word limit) and should be divided into about 10-15 chapters.

How do I apply?

1) Please check out our existing Ankara Press titles at, which will give you some idea of what we are looking for.

2) Please read carefully through our submission guidelines at

3) You will need to submit a synopsis and the first three chapters of your novel to the email listed on the website.

Closing date for submissions: 30th August 2015. Early submissions are encouraged.

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